Diving Spot at Bunaken

Diving, but also comprises a few beautiful coral slopes. The assortment of this fish and soft coral is outstanding, which makes this area one of the top areas on the planet for biodiversity: Bunaken Island. Probably the best sites around Bunaken are Lekuan 1, 2 and 3. These are the same site, but with so much to view are separated. With more refuge here and a lot of big nooks & crannies to explore, you’re more prone to find bigger fish like Napoleon wrasse, bumphead parrotfish combined with sea fans, giant plantations, and turtles.

Lekuan 1 is another extensive, beautifully covered reef, located facing Bunaken Island, which seems impossible to be done in one dip. Start on the sandy incline, which slowly gets in the wall part of the site. Bannerfish and Napoleon Wrasse are residents within this renowned diving spot, including school of Pyramid Butterflyfish. Little whitetip reef sharks can be observed sometimes here sleeping in areas. Lekuan two – Continuing the very first portion of the renowned long reef situated in the front of Bunaken Island is Lekuan 2.

It’s a vertical wall coated with numerous kinds of hard and soft corals, which have superbly decorated this site and welcome a broad selection of sea dwell. Fantastic overhangs and tiny caves covered with soft corals along with it is crystal clear water is one of the principal reason for wide-angle photographer’s to stop by this website. Napoleon Wrasse and giant Green Turtles frequently stop by this place. It’s also a beautiful place to find Purple Dart and Sailfin Gobies. Lekuan 3 – One of Bunaken Best dive websites, as it begins with a beautiful sandy incline with underwater pinnacles and carries on into a wall, which drops to over 200m.

Groups of Jacks and Barracudas are often found. Not to overlook the tiny creatures which are a newcomer to this website also, such as cleaner shrimp, a superb range of Nudibranchs and Flatworms to list a couple. Gorgonians and massive sponges excellently decorate the wall and complete it using a vast assortment of colorful fishes. Mandolin, tops out near the exterior, using a wall that is alive with fishes such as fusiliers, surgeonfish, unicornfish, and bannerfish. Mandolin is named following the specific same conventional musical instrument due to its shape in the bird’s eye view. Not to forget the collections of big sized Barracudas, together with unique colors and forms of sea fans. In the deeper part, there is a chance to view Blacktip Reef Sharks.

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