Cuckolding Explained

Ever heard of the term cuckolding and wondered what it’s all about? Perhaps seen some cuckold captions shared by friends? Cuckolding is something that can really bring back the spark to your relationship, and there are many reasons why which we will discuss a little later. In this article we are going to clear up all things cuckolding. We will be diving into what cuckolding is, why couples enjoy cuckolding, as well as why you should join the Cuckold club. 

What is Cuckolding?

Cuckolding is a type of fetish or fantasy most often enjoyed by people either within a relationship or marriage. In this type of fetish or fantasy, one of the partners enjoys watching the other partner have sex with another partner. The partner can either be someone they know and trust, or it can be with someone completely new to both of them. Cuckolding is closely tied to BDSM and Femdom and often overlaps with domination, submission and even humiliation. The person having the sex can either be the female or the man in the relationship. 

Why are Couples Cuckolding?

There are many different reasons why couples do this, but mostly it is to create some excitement within the marriage and regain intimacy between. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons couples say they enjoy the act of Cuckolding:

  • The taboo factor. It is still considered taboo to share your partner, but some people love to break the rules, it’s a thrill. These partners are involved in the act of Cuckolding. 
  • Jealousy. Watching your partner having sex with someone else can raise feelings of jealousy, and arousal at the same time. The arousal can be super intense. 
  • Fulfillment. This is the opposite of jealousy, but most love to see their partners happy. Seeing your partner overwhelmed with pleasure and watching their whole body during sexual intercourse can be a big turn on. 
  • BDSM fetishes fulfilled. Cuckolding is the perfect space to fulfill some BDSM fantasies, as you dive into what it feels like to be the dominant or the submissive in the scene. 

Cuckolding is not necessarily for everyone, some enjoy it more than others. If you find that it turns you on, chat to your partner and see how you can set some boundaries, and enjoy a cuckolding date night to add some flavor and rekindle that love you once had for each other. If you are into cuckolding, you should definitely join the Cuckold club to see stories, videos, cuckold captions, articles, and more.