Cancer Treatment In Singapore: What To Do Before, During, And After

The human body is an extraordinary network of organs that powers your every thought and action—but it is far from perfect. Its remarkable structure and impressive capabilities can allow you to perform your duties, fulfil your responsibilities, and participate in various activities.

However, it cannot do everything you want or protect you from virtually every ailment that could endanger its functionality and appearance. Among the numerous illnesses that could affect the body, cancer is one of the most challenging health problems.

According to GI Cancer, medical professionals experience difficulties treating this ailment since it is a complex group of diseases. They also cannot recommend specific preventive methods to help people avoid it since cancer can result from various things. Fortunately, patients have different cancer treatment options in Singapore to address its symptoms, prevent its progression, and halt the production of cells.


Cancer is a disease affecting almost every body part where a group of cells in a specific area uncontrollably grow and spread to neighbouring localities. According to the Singapore Cancer Society, more than a hundred cancer types can trouble an individual. The body has a natural way of growing, dividing, and repairing cells—but cancer can occur if this organised cell production process becomes faulty. The cells continuously develop without dying, resulting in possible tumour growths.

These abnormal masses may spread to other body parts, causing cancerous cells to attack different organs. During this unmanageable growth, the body may lose energy and exhibit symptoms like fatigue, fever, and weight loss. If you think you are troubled with this ailment, see a cancer doctor in Singapore as soon as possible to learn about your condition and receive the appropriate remedy.

But before getting cancer treatment from a Singapore medical facility, you should know what to do before, during, and after the procedure. Preparing for your therapy or surgery can help you understand how it can benefit you. Doing so can also ease your anxieties about the treatment. Scroll through to understand everything you should do when receiving remedies to free yourself from cancer.


I. What To Do Before Cancer Treatment

Whether you are getting chemotherapy or radiation therapy in Singapore, there are a few ways to help yourself feel ready for the treatment. Read on to learn four of those preparation tips.

A. Learn About Your Treatment

After your oncology doctor recommends a treatment plan, ask them for details. Raise questions and concerns to understand how their suggested medicinal, therapeutic, or surgical remedies can help you beat cancer and prevent it from recurring.

B. Understand Possible Risks And Side Effects

After learning about its benefits, research the possible risks and side effects of your cancer treatment in Singapore. Doing so will allow you to set expectations about your remedies and help you expect the changes your body may experience during the treatment process.

C. Talk To Your Family Members

Before showing up to your treatment session, inform your family members about your condition and the recovery plan you got from your cancer doctor. Conversing with your relatives will allow them to understand how they can help and support you.

D. Prepare Your Home

Undergoing cancer treatment will take a toll on your body. You can prepare for it by rearranging your home into a space with minimal obstacles and can support your recovery.


II. What To Do During Cancer Treatment

Patients like you may feel anxious and overwhelmed while waiting to undergo your cancer treatment session in Singapore. To keep you from getting consumed with your worries, here’s what you should do when receiving medical attention:

A. Arrive On Time

Whether you are getting brachytherapy or radiation therapy, arrive at the treatment facility a few minutes before your schedule. Doing so will give you enough time to relax and see your oncology doctor before your session.

B. Settle Vital Paperwork

Receiving cancer treatment in Singapore involves some paperwork—especially if you are attending your initial session. If you plan to pay for your treatment with your insurance, you will also need to bring and settle files to arrange it.

C. Bring A Friend Or Relative

Having your best friend or most trusted family member with you can help ease your anxieties before your radiation therapy in Singapore. They can be your source of support as you undergo treatment to control your uncontrollable cell growth.

D. Distract Yourself

You can forget your worries with your cancer treatment if you distract yourself before every session. You can read a book or chat with your friend or relative to keep your mind occupied while waiting for your turn to undergo treatment.


III. What To Do After Cancer Treatment

Aftercare is essential when getting cancer treatment in Singapore. Learning to take care of yourself can help you ensure your therapy or surgery’s effectiveness and prevent complications. Scroll through to learn how to look after yourself when receiving cancer treatment.

A. Get Plenty Of Rest

You will most likely feel beaten after your chemotherapy or radiation therapy in Singapore. Do not push yourself to do activities that will tire you out to avoid complications. Instead, get enough sleep to allow your body to recover.

B. Follow A Healthy Diet

Consume a balanced diet during and after your cancer treatment sessions to help your system recuperate. Avoid junk and fast food items and skip cigarettes and alcoholic beverages to prevent complications.

C. Exercise Regularly

Avoid being inactive during your recovery period following your cancer treatment in Singapore. With your doctor’s help and recommendations, slowly increase your activity levels to control your weight and improve your cardiovascular fitness.

D. Attend Follow-Up Checkups

Your cancer treatment does not end on your final day of therapy. You will need to return to the medical facility to see your oncology doctor and let them monitor the treatment’s effectiveness.

IV. Get Cancer Treatment Today!

Preparations are crucial to ensure your readiness to undergo cancer treatment in Singapore. Moreover, learning what to do before, during, and after your therapy sessions or surgery can help you understand how such remedies can help you beat cancer.

Dr Johann Tang is a radiation oncologist in Singapore who can help you control unmanageable cell growth. Visit their website to learn the best cancer treatment for your condition.