Biggest Holiday Season Tech Releases

The holiday season is always exciting for those interested in tech as it often marks some of the bigger releases of the year, and this holiday season will be no different as tech releases are a little more stacked than usual – but what are the biggest tech releases this year?

Next Generation Consoles – The biggest news this year has certainly been around the newest offerings from Microsoft and Sony – ending the current seven year life span of the previous gen, the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 are making huge changes for the console market – the biggest adjustment has been to the storage architecture that has allowed for a huge push in the way games can be delivered and in part a large reason why console gaming has moved from 30fps, to the newer 4K 60fps. There have of course been updates to graphics and processing power, but these changes will surely see the next generation live such a long and successful life span too – and with the introduction of digital only options at a lower prices, they’re now more affordable than ever too.

Nvidia’s 3000 Series – There has been equal excitement in the PC gaming space too as a huge step forward for graphics cards has taken place – whilst there is some equally exciting news around new processor offerings from AMD, the big news is around Nvidia and how the newest cards are offering up to a 30% performance increase over the previous generation whilst also coming in at a much lower cost – with newer games being released for the next generation consoles and the step up they have made, this has come in the perfect time for PC users to start making their big upgrades and their own preparations for next generation gaming and all the new tech that may come with it.

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The New iPhone – October may mark the release date for the next offerings from Apple, and if rumours are anything to go by there could be some huge changes here – with rumoured prices of around $1,199, the introduction of a 120Hz display, and the increasing size from the 12 Pro Max Model to 6.7” could see a changing in audience from the device which has typically been quite uniform until now. Whilst the current information is quite sparse, fans can expect to hear more in the coming weeks as it seems a holiday season release is very much on the cards.

Many will be hoping this move from Apple can take some news away from the ongoing legal battle with Epic Games, developer of the popular Fortnite. But there could be some exciting tech news to come there too as huge potential changes may be on the way to our app marketplaces – these changes could even see other popular genres make their way to these marketplaces as online casinos and betting sites have found a huge surge in popularity throughout the year with this ocean breeze casino review being one of the many that have been gaining favour in recent months – whilst the legal battle will likely be ongoing for quite some time yet, there’s certainly a big opportunity for many developers to come if changes are made.