Best gift ideas for your foodie girlfriend’s birthday

Feeding your foodie girlfriend before she gets mad is important. Gone is the time of dieting and getting fit together, eating and living freely is the new sexy. Blessed are the boyfriends who have crazy foodie girlfriends who loves to explore all the restaurants and is never shy on a date. While food lovers are the people who never stops thinking about food, while eating one meal they are constantly thinking about their next course of meal. Foodie people are the ones, who also expect food related gifts on their special occasions and honestly that’s so cute. And why not? Food is amazing, and your girlfriend takes it to a whole other level. It seems like her entire life revolves around food. At Least she’s better than other skinny diet conscious girls who can fall after one slap. Your foodie girlfriend deserves to get a food blast on her birthday with not only a treat in the finest dining restaurant but also a gift that she can snack on 2 am to beat that midnight hunger pangs. 

So here we have created a list of 5 gift ideas you can gift to your foodie girlfriend to make her day really special: 

  1. Customized Chocolate Box: While ordinary silks are out of fashion, customized chocolates are the talk of the town. You can gift your foodie girlfriend a box of edible chocolates specially customized with her name and every alphabet of her name is an edible chocolate she can munch on. Also you can add more alphabet chocolates to the box like HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHEENA with all the letters decked up in chocolate flavors with gold dressing to add on to its beauty. We are 100% sure it’s better than ordinary chocolates and she is going to love all the customizations made especially for her birthday. 
  2. A foodie sweatshirt: Being a girl, it comes with constant societal pressures to be slim and in shape forever. For a foodie soul sometimes it’s tough to maintain a well groomed physique. Acceptance is all they need. Be a good and supporting boyfriend and gift your girlfriend a customized foodie sweatshirt where you can have typography elements like “I’m a foodie and I love it”, “Proud Pizza lover” or something like this. You can also give her a pizza or a burger design sweatshirt which is embellished with small footprints all over. We bet that sweatshirt will be her all time favorite and go to fashion everywhere. 
  3. Coffee maker: This one is for all the caffeine addicted girlfriends who love sipping on a cup of cappuccino everywhere you guys on a date. Managing work life and making a good coffee altogether can be tiring. Gift her something which is convenient for your foodie girlfriend and where she doesn’t have to lose bucks outside whenever she get those caffeine cravings. Gifting a good coffee maker to her is not only a great idea but will also save her time in making a cafe like coffee at home. There are many options available online in various coffee makers where you can make different types of coffee be it latte, cappuccino, espresso or even nicely blended cold coffee at home. 
  4. A customized cake: Every great party at the end demands for a sweet delight. Nothing’s better than a customized cake for your foodie girlfriend’s birthday as you know celebrations are always incomplete without a cake. Choose a designer cake for her where it looks like a food and confuses her whether it’s a cake or her favourite continental food. Exciting isn’t it? You can choose for a giant burger look alike cake, or a huge strawberry cake. You can also choose to get a normal cake with extraordinary dressings made on the top with food colors, like a small slice of pizza, hotdogs, a coke and some fries. Definitely she’ll cheer out loud after figuring out it’s a cake. You can choose your type of cake online and give special instructions to the company and  get Cake delivery in Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai or wherever your girlfriend lives or where you are celebrating the party. 
  5. A gourmet food hamper: Adding on different varieties of good to a beautiful massive basket with ribbons on the top and a small greeting card to wish happy birthday looks straight out of a Disney movie. Choose a huge basket and add her favorite food items to it like chips, chocolates, juice cans, cookies, ready to cook pasta, waffles and much more. Add some flowers on the top, a small teddy and a greeting card saying how much you’re blessed to have her in your life and wish her a very happy birthday. She will love the work you have put on to prepare this hamper specially for her and she will love it. 

Here are a list of 5 gift ideas you can gift to her foodie girlfriend. No matter what gift you are choosing to gift her on her special day, don’t forget to take her out for dinner and order a special Birthday cake. And if you can’t choose the location where you can take her, go for a place where they are offering unlimited buffet and see the magic she’ll never complain about anything. Choose a gift that she will love and that will make her remember you whenever she’s eating them or wearing them. Tell us in the comments section below, what are you gifting your foodie girlfriend on her birthday?