The gambling industry has always been garnering negative connotations from society due to its controversiality particularly to conservative countries which uphold high moral values. But for the liberal ones, it is already widely accepted because it is beneficial to the overall economy by attracting both foreign and local big spenders into the country’s betting lairs.  Aside from that, casinos are sometimes used for charity works, too, wherein all its proceeds go to the respective aid organizations. Although these game operators were given the right to operate, they are still monitored by the government and subjected to the nation’s laws. Hence, as a betting enthusiast, it is important to know these laws to avoid facing legal charges.

The Truth about Australia’s Gambling Industry

According to the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, there is a 5% increase in the total gambling expenditure in Australia from the year 2016-2018. This increase is equivalent to $1.193 billion which is mainly contributed by adults who bet $1,251.39 to $1,292.25 each. Most of these bets were made on electronic gaming machines (EGMs), race betting, and sports betting with an annual total expenditure of $12.520, $3.547, and $1.235 billion, respectively. Hence, the gambling industry in Australia is continually flourishing with a $590 million contribution to the economy.

All about Australia’s Gambling Laws

Due to its great compatibility with the nation’s pub culture and fondness for sport, the gambling industry in Australia flourishes with time. Because of this, a set of rules were established by the government through the creation of a regulatory gambling entity to regulate this kind of business and safeguard its people and economy as a whole from illegal game operators. This regulatory entity is tasked to check the credibility of game operators before giving them the license to operate. It is also tasked to monitor all their betting activities to ensure that these game operators are complying with the gambling laws.

In Australia, gambling is regulated in different levels—territory, state, and federal. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is in charge of monitoring the compliance of game operators and enforcing the interactive gambling laws at the federal level. Below are just some of the online betting activities that are strictly prohibited to be provided in Australian communities under the law:

  • operation and advertisement of prohibited interactive gambling services such as online casinos, slot machines, and poker;
  • accepting in-play betting on live sports events;
  • operation of unlicensed interactive wagering services;
  • conducting online instant lotteries; and
  • provision of credits to customers by certain interactive wagering services.

All this information was provided by International Comparative Legal Guide (ICLG).