All You Wanted to Know About Pearl Jewelry

Pearl Jewelry is known for its beauty and elegance which makes it simply irresistible. Pure Pearls are committed towards offering superior quality that comes with its alluring designs for discerning pearl lovers. So, if you like pearls and want to know more about it, and then check this article.  You will learn about the process of manufacture of pearls in detail.

About pearls

Pearls are characterized as hard masses that bear a round shape. They have smooth surface and shiny appearance. They are one of the most popular Jewelry pieces admired worldwide. is one of the most authentic places to buy premium quality pearls at the best price.

Manufacture of pearls

Natural pearls are manufactured when a parasite enters inside any mollusk. If this parasite attaches itself into the soft mantle of the mollusks, then the mollusk will make a layer of nacre all around the parasite. This layer will form the interior of a mollusk. After several years of deposition of this layer, it will give rise to a pearl.

What was the need of manufacturing artificial pearls?

Earlier pearls were obtained by divers by searching through river and oceans to collect oysters. These oysters were checked one by one to find the pearl. Out of a 3 ton of oyster haul, only 3 or 4 of them would contain perfect pearl bearing oysters. Farms were also formed to manufacture pearls.

How are artificial pearls farmed?

Artificial pearls are formed in a controlled form by performing oyster breeding by the way of manual nucleation and pearl harvesting. For the production of pearls by artificial means, several saltwater and freshwater pearl farms are present all across the world.

What are the different colors in which pearls are available?

Pearls vary a lot on the basis of the color. The color of the pearl depends on the oyster that produces it. The rarer the color of pearl, the more precious it will be. In addition to it, Akoya colors such as pink rose and white are also very valuable.


People are simply allured by its captivating beauty of pearls. They can’t resist themselves from buying them.