A List Of The Common Law Cases A Family Lawyer Can Handle

Conflicts within homes and families can happen at any time. And family disputes can be hard to solve, especially without having a family lawyer in Singapore who you can run to and talk about laws. Most people make the mistake of handling these issues by themselves, trying to talk things out in private, yet still regretting their decisions in the end. If you are dealing with a family matter, say a divorce, domestic violence, or child custody, getting professional consultation and representation from a reliable and experienced lawyer is more than advisable. Your legal team can help and guide you throughout the entire process of handling the case and thoroughly explain everything to you, from filing the lawsuit, to de-escalating other situations as they arise, to getting the final judgement of the High Court.

Any legal issue between the family shall only make settlements and arrangements with the help of a family lawyer in Singapore.Most cases under family law involve divorce, child paternity or custody, property divisions, domestic violence, and many more.

If you’re down to learn more about family law, here are the six most common cases a family lawyer in Singapore handles.




A family lawyer can also serve as your divorce lawyer in Singapore, especially in the High Court. When one desires to be out of the matrimony, they want to dissolute the marriage and get divorced. Consulting a family lawyer before filing the case is significant. They need to know about the most crucial details in your marriage, family, and other essentials, including how you and your spouse met, how the relationship started, how is the intimacy at home, what made you decide to get a divorce, etc. These pieces of information are imperative to work on filing your lawsuit and finding grounds for the case.

If, unfortunately, the divorce mediation in Singapore does not work for both parties or the plaintiff lacks sufficient evidence or grounds for a divorce, your family lawyer can explore their options, such as filing a simplified uncontested divorce, contested divorce, or an annulment.


When the plaintiff and respondent both agree to have divorce mediation in Singapore, family lawyers from both parties will agree on other aspects concerning their lives, such as children, educational assistance, or financial support. It encourages a spirit of cooperation among the two involved parties. Generally, spouses, wives or husbands, are responsible for supporting each other financially. Whether the husband or wife, spousal maintenance is also vital, especially for divorcing parents. The spousal support may depend on who among the two has a higher income and will pay the partner that earns less. The amount given is for family support, whether they have kids to look after or not.


When couples seek the help of a divorce lawyer in Singapore, they are also likely to tackle their properties. With the help of family lawyers from both parties, the plaintiff and respondent, depending on the agreement, can part with the assets or money they had while still married. They can also equally share the right to continue living in the home they used to live in at the time of their marriage, no matter who rented or bought the property. As long as the parties both agree on it, any of them can live in the house.



Another case a family lawyer in Singaporewill most likely handle related to divorce lawsuits is child care. Child custody is a sensitive family matter and a complicated issue to tackle. There is a need for a professional and experienced legal team to oversee it. The child may go to one parent, but it will still depend on who wants and is more capable of raising the child. Your family lawyer will also advise you on the possible arrangements. In most cases, the court will decide who shall shoulder the support and welfare of the child. The parent who earns a higher amount is likely to pay for the child support and cover other essential costs.



Committing family violence is not an offence under the Singapore Women’s Charter part VII, Protection of Family. However, the High Court considers this offensive and a breach of a protection order. The perpetrator will face a financial penalty ranging from S$2,000 to S$8,000 and a sentence ranging from six to 18 months. It can be one of these two or both, but it will still depend on the final judgement.

If you or any family member encountered physical or sexual abuse or domestic violence, call your family lawyer in Singaporeimmediately, contact the police, file a police report, and file a lawsuit. As the victim, you only need to present pieces of evidence to support your grounds, including:

  • Testimony in court,
  • Supporting testimonies from witnesses could be your child, helper, parent, or neighbour,
  • Medical reports stating injuries,
  • Police reports,
  • Photo evidence – if you are using photos to support your ground, it is vital to include dates, location, a gist of what happened, and other necessary details on the pictures, and
  • And other pieces of evidence supporting your claim that the perpetrator is a family member, such as a marriage or birth certificate.


Besides divorce-related cases and child care, you can also approach a family lawyer for a will and testament. A family lawyer can also be a probate lawyer in Singapore. They will discuss the differences between Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and a will, what could happen to your assets and finances if you pass away without it, and other steps to finalise it. They will also inform you of the different types of wills and suggest which one works for your needs.


Family law is one complicated legal issue. The best solution to resolve these problems is by seeking the help of a family lawyer in Singapore. The advice and recommendation of a professional legal team can make a significant difference. They can help you with legal protection and manage family affairs in accordance with the laws of the High Court. They can also handle all documents and drafts to present in court and process court procedures. They will represent you in court. In your most difficult times and you have no one else to count on, you can trust your family lawyer.

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