A Guide to Engraving

Designing artwork in laser engraving can be an overwhelming process, especially for new designers still getting the knack of the fundamental steps toward creating quality art. Thus, to start your journey in laser engraving, look at the guide below.

What is Laser Engraving, and How Does It Work?

Laser engraving is the most widely used laser marking method. Using laser marking equipment entails making permanent markings on various materials, such as wood engraving in Perth, stainless steel, plastics, and timber. Furthermore, it can also be utilized in product decorations. 

The process involves concentrating a laser beam at an appropriate power level on a component from a distance. As a result, the substance evaporates, leaving a lasting impression on the pieces. It is critical to adjust the power since too little will be ineffective, and too much will burn the material.

Engraving Tips

If you like to try your hand at laser engraving and water jet cutting in Perth, the following tips can help you succeed at the craft. 

  • Take care of your eyes. Wear appropriate eye protection to avoid significant and irreversible harm to your vision.
  • Printing multiples will help to minimize manufacturing time if you need to engrave items of the same or similar design, such as plaques or coasters, and print multiple pieces rather than one at a time.
  • Make use of leftover materials. Do not begin with the portion from which you plan to construct the completed object. First, use a scrap piece of the same material to fine-tune your settings.
  • Focus. Your engraving or cutting quality will determine how well you focus the beam. You want to modify the shaft to attain the tiniest and sharpest pinpoint possible. If you go too far, it will begin to distort again.


Need laser engraving services?

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