9 Interactive Pastimes to Improve Bonding between Family Members

Many times, people tend to avoid their family members not intentionally perhaps, but due to busy work schedules or lack of rest, making them spend most of their time snoozing away on bed or hanging out with friends. But, there are always ways to reconnect with folks at home through simple and meaningful tasks, fun activities, and games. Below, we have mentioned a few interactive pastimes to engage in with your family members that will improve your bonding with them.

  1. Cooking Meals Together

Home-cooked food is a favourite of everyone, isn’t it? Why don’t you participate along with your family members, and cook delicacies during the meal time. Probably invite your blood relatives over and organize a get-together? Find out which cuisines and delicacies each of you love, and try your hands in it. Get more family members help each other out and strike a great conversation along to bond over.

  1. Crafting Decorative Items

Do you have a creative streak and like to craft objects with paper, cardboard, etc? If so, then you can engage more number of people from your family in such tasks. This will be a good fun working together on scissoring papers to make decorative items for home interiors. Probably make a wind-chime with leftover items such as pieces of glass, wood, clips, and metal. Or, winged objects such as planes, jets, and maybe birds? You can paint or draw over these and make colourful decorative pieces for walls.

  1. Storytelling Event

Who does not like a good story to listen to – be it a tale of romance, horror, or adventure? Also, if you have kids at your house, a storytelling event could just be the right thing to organize. Get all your folks recite a story – could be fictitious or real, any of their choice. Each one of you can then share your views and feedbacks on the story and bond over the event.

  1. Group Indoor Games

Are you spending time indoors and have family members around? Gather them all for indoor games, such as carom or chess? Divide into teams and compete together for ultimate entertainment. Play a few card games such as Poker, 21, Rummy, Black Jack, etc. Or, you can play board games such as Scrabble or Monopoly. These games will enhance your friendship with dear ones and make them more receptive towards you.

If you want to introduce your people to online gaming, then get a rummy app download on their mobile phone, and join together on the gaming platform for a thrilling game. Or, you can even play video games with family and keep the adrenaline rush alive.

  1. Play Outdoor Sports

Do you pay attention to mental and physical fitness of your family and yourself? One of the successful ways of achieving it is by engaging in outdoor sports. Spend your day offs playing outdoor games such as cricket, soccer, basketball, golf, etc, with your family members. Perhaps, compete in a running race or catching balls? Or why not cool off in summer, enjoying a swim with your folks in a swimming pool or a nearby lake? You can even try out a few adventure sports, such as kayaking, paragliding, snorkelling, bungee jumping, etc.

  1. Fixing the Garden

If you have a garden attached to your home, then probably specific people are assigned the duties of clearing weeds, watering plants, trimming trees, mowing the grass, etc. This surely eases the task at hand, but in retrospective, why not have family members participate together, than individually, in gardening tasks. It definitely will be fun. You all can give a helping hand to each other as well. After all, spending time amidst loved ones and the nature is always a good idea.

  1. Give Back to the Society

Bonding with family members need not be within your home or by playing games alone. It can be about helping others out there on the streets, the homeless and underprivileged ones as well. Why not sign up all your family members to a local community service or as volunteers at a social cause event? It will strengthen your bond as you help others together with your dear ones, who are the pillars to your life. Volunteering is also a great hobby. You can take it up with your family by putting up workshops and campaigns for the needy ones.

  1. Go Fishing

Almost every family goes out to fish together. Do you miss it already? Do not wait any longer, but plan a fishing spree with your peeps. Yes, probably go for a fishing trip on your day off, or simply head out for a small picnic near a lake or a pond, where you can fish along with your favourite people. Carry a few snack food items, so that you can spend the day relaxing with your loved ones with no hurry to head home. Finally, you can cook the catch in the evening on a campfire.

  1. Healthy Debates and Discussions

Quarrels and small fights are often a part of family? We all do face ups and downs among the people we care for, but, what about healthy debates and discussions? These can rather be used as a way to build a strong bond between family members. You can perhaps discuss on a globally trending topic in science, technology, politics, film industry, etc.

However, do make sure the debates and discussions remain friendly, and not turn up into heated conversations. Being patient, understanding, and respecting of each other’s view will certainly create a room for happiness, and promote unity in the family.

Final Thoughts

Family members are often the ones, whom you can rely on, and thus, you must work out ways to interact with each other and stay connected, because in time of need, it is the family that will stay with you, even if no one else takes a stand. By engaging in above-mentioned pastimes and activities, you can definitely enjoy bonding with your folks.