6 best home workout plans a newbie must follow

Are you so short on time that driving to the gym for 20 minutes or more prevents you from working out? Or perhaps you have a different motive for wanting to practise at home. In any case, that’s why this programme includes the best guide of workout for beginners and just requires the absolute minimum of equipment: a set of dumbbells and a bench. With so many fitness programmes accessible online, choosing which one to attempt first might be difficult. Many people who try out various routines find them to be either too difficult or too simple. That may deter them from carrying on with the habit. Remember that you may practise practically anywhere and at any time; nonetheless, maintaining consistent exercise requires a great deal of self-control.

  • Get the equipment 
  • A pull-up bar is required for pull-ups, chin-ups, and hanging leg lifts.
  • For dips, there’s a dips station.

These are highly versatile pieces of training equipment that may be used for a variety of bodyweight activities. These may be found at gyms and public parks, but if you don’t have the pleasure of training outside the house, putting them at home is an excellent alternative.

  • Beginning with Month 0

This phase will be Month 0 of the plan if you want to follow the steps of the workout for beginners. 

  • Begin by doing these exercises at least three times each week, with one day off in between. During this period, the emphasis is on learning how to do the exercises correctly. 
  • Don’t overwork yourself by doing a lot of repetitions or sets. When it comes to bodyweight workouts, remember that quality is far more beneficial than quantity. 
  • At the end of Month 0, the aim is to be able to do at least 3-5 repetitions of each exercise correctly and consistently.

  • Learning the Basics

At this point, you should be familiar with the following fundamental exercises:

  • Dips Squats Push-ups
  • Pull-ups and chin-ups
  • Legs dangling Raise the bar by learning the fundamentals.
  1. Full Body Workout

You’re now ready to begin the 6-month challenge after learning or relearning the basic exercises in Month 0. The first month is meant to train your complete body, focusing on your back, chest, legs, abs, and arms. Try this workout for the best results now:

  • 10 Chair Dips 5 Chin Ups 30 sec Wall Sit 8 Squats
  • Push-ups: 8
  • 3 to 4 pull-ups
  • 4 leg lifts
  • Push-ups in a Decline
  1. Upper Body Workout 

Now, the focus is on strengthening your upper body. At this point, you should notice that your entire body is considerably stronger than it was when you first started, and it’s time to step it up a notch by concentrating on your upper body. Try doing:

  • 10 Push-Ups in a Row
  • Chin-ups with 5 Shoulder Widths
  • On a straight bar, do 3 dips.
  • 5-6 reps of regular pull-ups
  • 5 dips
  1. Level up exercises

Now, mix the Full Body and Upper Body workouts. That forces you to work harder and longer, putting your endurance to the test. This month will also provide you with the opportunity to perfect the workouts and strengthen your muscles. Follow this schedule:

  • Monday: Full-Body Exercise + Upper-Body Exercise
  • Tuesday is a rest day.
  • Wednesday: Full-Body Exercise + Upper-Body Exercise
  • Rest day on Thursday
  • Full-Body Workout + Upper-Body Workout on Friday
  • Rest on Saturday and Sunday.

If you follow this exercise on a regular basis, you will see a significant difference in your physique, but to achieve the most remarkable results, you must also follow a suitable nutrition plan with it.