5 Hand-Made Souvenirs from Lombok to Bring Home

Lombok is not only famous for its extraordinary natural tourism potential but also its magical culture. Indeed, many tourists visit Lombok to enjoy the beauty of the beach or climb the majestic Mount Rinjani. However, there are many different items to appreciate in Lombok, such as a selection of memorabilia to take home.

Aside from being a keepsake that could capture your traveling adventures, souvenirs can also be a gift for people at home. If you go to Lombok, you will be inundated with a fantastic selection of souvenirs. Below are some of them.

  • Ikat and Songket

Lombok has a special cloth called Ikat and Songket. Both of these fabrics are traditionally made by skilled girls in Lombok, and there are times when you can also observe how they are made. However, because the production procedure is quite complicated and takes a long time, the cost of purchasing ikat and songket is generally more expensive than the factory-made ones.

The design used in this cloth will also conventionally feature Lombok, using conventional dyes for coloring. One of the centers for making Ikat and Songket fabrics in Lombok is Sukarara, The village, about 20 kilometers from Mataram city. You can also start looking for Ikat and Songket fabrics at the famous Sasak Sade village in the southern part of Lombok Island.

  • Ketak Craft

As the name suggests, this Lombok weaving craft is made of a wild grass known as ketak from a local term. This plant is dried under the sunlight before being squeezed into various crafts. For example, you can buy women’s purses, jewelry, placemats, home decor, and several different crafts. Ketak woven crafts can be found in the village of Beleka. In this village, it is possible to observe the process of weeds in various beautiful handicrafts.

  • Pearl

Among the organic products from Lombok are the beads. Pearl planting and shopping centers can be found in the island’s western region, particularly in the Sekarbela area which is still part of Mataram City. In addition, you may find many pearl sellers in certain stalls. They sell ‘raw’ pearls and craft beautiful pearls in bracelets and earrings. Apart from that, you can even buy pearls for home decoration or other art materials.

  • Pottery

The pottery center in Lombok is located in Banyumulek Village. Among the specialty products at the place are Kendi Maling and Kendi (water jugs) filled from the ground up. Of course, you don’t fill this jug on the floor, and it’s just an expression of being difficult to fill water from the jug’s lid. Aside from Kendi Maling, you can also find a few different ashtrays, containers, and candle holders. The cost is quite cheap, around IDR. 100,000 you can already get a fairly large jug.

  • Cukli

Cukli is a wonderful craft that combines shells and wood. Wood is made into many crafts such as statues, masks, and several different shapes. Shells are decorated by laying them out of wood and then painted depending on a pre-drawn pattern. The results are extraordinary, similar to antique carvings from various regions in Indonesia.

Because production procedures are time consuming and also require quite skilled employees, Cukli can be relatively expensive. Now, this craft is famous globally. The center for making Cukli is currently located in Sayang-sayang Village, West Lombok Regency.

There are many souvenirs that you can choose from every time you vacation in Lombok. If you want something durable, you can opt for one of these crafts. Almost all handicrafts in Lombok are made by hand so the results can be quite good and durable.

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