Wardrobe essentials for men this wedding season


In our country, people only consider a bride as a wedding trousseau but a man’s wedding wardrobe is as important as a bride. 

After all these things, man has the right to look different and attractive on his special occasion or day. 

There are different wedding essentials of men such as Mens Kurta, formal white shirt, pocket square, a tie, formal shoes, and a blazer.

Although fashion and accessories change day by day and with time some wedding essentials for men never change. 

So, we are here with some classic things or wedding essentials that never change-           

  1. Mens kurta

When it comes to the festive season a man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a mens kurta. 

If you are facing the issue of wearing dresses for the rites and rituals of wedding you should go for men’s kurta rather than thinking of other clothing collection.

With this, the use of sober dupatta having a beautiful attire for wedding season can be made. 

  1. Formal white shirt

The formal white shirt is the basic component of a men’s attire. If you are dealing with the issue of wearing formal attire, the white tailored two-piece suit would be the best option. 

According to me, it is the most versatile comment in the wardrobe of a man that should be there because it can be paired with different kinds of suits as well as bottoms concerning a formal event. 

  1. Pocket Square 

Oh! A men’s wardrobe without a pocket square is just like a pencil without an eraser. 

However, this should be there on your list to have a proper wardrobe as it helps you create a perfect look for your character. 

Also, there are different sites through which you can learn to wear different ways of wearing a pocket square.        

  1. A tie

To add up any pop of colour for the formal attire, a tie or a bow tie is a perfect combination. 

With the use of a tie, the change of overall attire can be seen, so this is a mandatory thing that should be kept in a men’s wardrobe.

Majorly, the black and blue bow tie is used for any attire as these give a different look to an individual.   

  1. Formal shoes

The pair of a different combination of shoes is hard to get but creates a very positive impact on the mindset of an individual if worn. 

However, any formal attire is just incomplete without a pair of formal shoes so, if you are planning for a wedding attire it should be on your list.

It is the most important part of any wedding season or occasion that needs to be a part of men’s wardrobe. 

  1. A blazer

There should be a blazer in a men’s wardrobe because nowadays blazers are considered in Indo Western dresses. 

However, different kinds of blazers can be in stringing prints such as geometric and florals. 

Show a multi-coloured printed blazer should be there in a man’s wardrobe as it is an evergreen dress in comparison to men’s kurta.