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One way to work on the internet is through Affiliate Marketing. Many people believe that being an affiliate is making money fast and without working. Contrary to what these people think, the affiliate program is a way to use your visibility on the internet to expose products and receive for that.

Like sales representatives, digital affiliates function as online exhibitors

It is basically an advertising service provided for a store or company. To be an affiliate, it is necessary to have a website, blog or even fan page.

Affiliate Marketing is widely used outside but here it has not been long since people joined this practice. Affiliates earn through commissions given for each sale made through their advertising.

  • Okay, we’ll explain. Let’s imagine that we have a fashion blog and we have several followers who are inspired by me. At that moment, some store sees in my image, a personality that would be able to help sales work.
  • The store hires the affiliate based on its characteristics and that person advertises and recommends these products to other people. For each product sold, the affiliate receives a commission for the responsibility of the sale.

The Different Parts

The Affiliate Program has three important parts, the affiliate (who displays the product), the shopkeeper or seller (who hires that affiliate to do the service) and the consumer (who is reached by the affiliate).

Affiliate Marketing should be one of the alternatives for companies to exhibit products and services, but it is not the only way to do online campaigns. All of you who follow our posts, know that we value Google AdWords, E-mail Marketing, Content Production and several other practices within Digital Marketing.

Being an affiliate is advantageous for the affiliate himself, as the person uses an existing communication channel to earn more. And it is also interesting for the company that intends to sell, as it is another way to explore the virtual environment.

The biggest problem with signing up for an affiliate program is that it will be very easy to make money from it. No one can make money without making an effort.

It is not just publishing the product or recommending a service and all followers will “follow” these indications. It is necessary to do planned work. The affiliate will not earn money by creating any blog and displaying products within it.

There must be work between the product and the affiliate. People need to see that that person actually indicates a particular service. As you go through the www.james-scholes.com/evergreen-wealth-formula-review you will realize the challenge in the whole process.


In times of so many lies on the internet, users have become more suspicious and it is difficult to convince anyone to buy a product. It is essential that the affiliate can understand the market of his followers and indicate only what is consistent with this profile.