Why You Need Freight Procurement Software for Your Business

The rise of the internet has made way for many software that makes running a business easier to manage. Before the internet, freight management was a tedious process. You would have to constantly be in contact with carriers, distributors, vendors, and shippers. You’d have to attend endless phone calls and face-to-face meetings to ensure everything runs smoothly. Luckily, there has been a rise in using a freight management system, where everything about freight management is in an app. Here are three benefits of using a freight management system.

Save monetary and manual labour costs.

Traditionally managing freight management wasn’t just exhausting for the manager. It also costs the company some money because of invoicing and filing. You might also need more employees to communicate with shippers. With a freight management system, you can cut costs with digital software. You also might not need more employees, saving even more money for the company.

Gain access to insightful analytics.

Freight rate management software makes it easy to look at data that’s important for the improvement of the company. With a program working for you, you no longer need to crunch numbers to get these statistics. Get crucial information such as win/loss rate, number and percentage of quotes generated, lead conversion rate, and more.

Analyse your employees’ performance.

Freight procurement software should have the ability to track your drivers and shipments. With this feature, you can check which drivers are making their shipments on time and who might be lagging. You could also find more efficient routes to direct your drivers to use. Performance analysis will improve the performance of your drivers and your business. It’ll also give you access to other relevant information, such as a shipment tender.

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