Unique activities luring guests to hotels

Hotels in a bid to gain new markets and attract new customers have gotten a new focus. In addition to their rooms and food, hotels are now attracting guests by offering unique experiences.

Hotels are offering adventure packages that they organize for their guests and anyone willing to participate in them.

Here are some of the activities you can get from many popular hotels around the world.

Nature walks and hikes

If you book a hotel for a safari holiday, you are bound to find yourself outdoors for most of your holiday. In this scenario, your hotel has a packed itinerary to ensure that you are fully immersed into the safari and that you enjoy it as much as possible.

For safari holidays you are either doing nature walks or game drives. In the game drives, the hotel takes you the national parks where you get to experience life in the wild and have a first-hand experience with native wild animals.

With daily activities, hotels can have you hiking the highest mountains and rock climbing to maximize your stay with them.

Hot-air balloon rides

This is another activity that is becoming very common at many hotels. In the calm of the day, hotels gather as many of their guests who like to experience a unique flying experience.

Sometimes, an activity like this is charged separately, although the hotel notifies its guests in advance for them to prepare adequately.


For hotels located next or near large water bodies, cruises and short sailing are common activities that guests indulge in.

The Ayana hotels for example, have a unique sailing boat with a capacity of eighteen guests. Guests can get aboard the sailing boat for a three days two nights cruise. The boat is manned by hotel staff and thus the guests receive professional service all through their cruise.

The boat sails from labuan bajo to komodo. During this trip, guests get to enjoy snorkeling sessions in the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. They also get to visit the Komodo National park, which is home to the Komodo Dragons. Guests also get to bask on the deck and take in the sunshine during the day and stargaze at night. 

Watching sunsets

Many hotels around the world have set aside a portion of their grounds or building to offer space where their guests can sit and watch as the sun sets. Hotels transport their guests even to locations away from the hotel to enable them experience the sun set. 

Camp fires

To liven up the nights, hotels carry their guests to locations where they can light a camp fire and tell stories. This is an unforgettable activity. Until the guests are ready to turn in, experienced professionals guide them through exciting stories of the areas that they are in giving them a wealth of information as the fire lights up the dark night.

Wedding grounds

Hotels also offer beautiful grounds for wedding ceremonies and receptions. These venues could be outdoors or indoors.

For example, storied hotels have decks on which such events can be held. The provide a unique view of the scenery below them and the expansiveness of nature. Indoor venues could include the large ballrooms that can hold as many people as one can invite to their wedding or social event. 

Social interactions

Hotels located in places with deep culture ensure that their guests interact with the culture of those hosting them. Guests will be guided to local markets and landmarks such as temples and cathedrals that reflect the unique culture of the people in that area.

In addition, hotels will hold cooking classes to teach their guests how to cook the local favorite dishes.


To differentiate themselves, hotels are offering more than just an indoors ambiance. They are also offering adventurous experiences and activities that will be etched in the memories of their guests for a long time.