The Dos and Don’ts of Taking Math Tuition in Singapore for Your Child

What do students think of when they hear the word ‘mathematics’? Even adults may regard the subject with apprehension and anxiety. Some students find mathematics one of the most difficult subjects to learn, thanks to its conceptual and abstract nature. Logical reasoning, theoretical analysis, and other skills are hard to master. The difficulty is why students even contact a PSLE math tutor in Singapore to prepare themselves before taking an important exam.

While many people might bemoan mathematics classes and curse the hardships it has given us, in reality, we need mathematics to survive in today’s world. Mathematics is used in both practical and abstract ways, from arts to sciences. Science, technology, and engineering are nothing without mathematics and its principles. Any person wishing to seek a STEM course must be adept or adequately prepared to learn advanced mathematics.

Furthermore, we would be nothing without mathematics. Mathematics is the fundamental building block of the universe. Mathematics has given us architecture, art pieces, gadgets, music, and much more. It is also responsible for creating artificial structures and devices we use in our lives.

As a parent, you need to give your child a helping hand by sending them a primary maths tutor (or the appropriate maths tuition) so they can catch up with their subjects. While mathematics might be the most influential construct of humanity, its nature means that students are easily lost or grow frustrated with its concepts. They might give up on trying to understand how it works.

That is the last thing you want because if they want to pursue a STEM field (or any technical field) they will have difficulty trying to piece together the clues on how to solve their mathematics problems. Fortunately, they do not have to solve everything by themselves if they want to become more adept at problem-solving in mathematics. They can simply hire a tutor or look for tuition centres that cater to their needs.

Tuition Centres and How They Can Help Your Child

A classroom setting is a normal environment in which your child will learn. Many people benefit from this setting, but some people do not do well with standard practices such as group learning or homework. These standardised learning methods may not be enough for a child who cannot grasp specific mathematical concepts.

If your child is one of these individuals, you need to look for alternatives to standardised learning. Self-study lessons can only do so much, as do online resources, so maybe someone who has a tougher time with their mathematics concepts may benefit from secondary math tuition in Singapore and other similar methods.

You have not exhausted all the means of teaching your child if you have not considered the help of a tutor. You need a great teacher, aside from the one your child already has in school, to help them take crucial tests and ace schoolwork like the Primary School Leaving Exam. These people can help your children navigate difficult mathematics concepts.

A maths tuition centre (or an independent math tutor, depending on who you decide to entrust your child to) is a place or individual providing supplementary classes to students. They can prepare students for future subjects or exams and help them understand maths lessons they may not understand in passing. It is the perfect solution for anyone wishing to improve their academic performance while choosing classes that suit their learning style.

Dos and Don’ts of Taking Tuition Classes


If your child plans to take math tuition classes in Singapore, they need to note a few dos and don’ts to maximise their chances of learning something informative and engaging their tutor or any potential fellow students with them. Here are some examples of dos and don’ts they must learn to get the most out of their classes. Relay this to your children for a better experience.

1) Do: Practice problems every day

The best thing about taking tuition classes is that mistakes do not have too much of a consequence on their performance in school. They are free to practice as much as they like and see how much they have improved throughout their lessons. The best method is to do problems before the class starts so they can have a head start on their learning.

2) Don’t: Wait for the tutor to come to you

Teachers are not mind readers— they cannot always tell if a child is struggling in class or not paying attention to their grades. If a child is struggling, they must be proactive. While a one-on-one session with a tutor may make it easier for the tutor to see gaps in their knowledge, it still might take an admittance of a lack of understanding for them to step in.

3) Do: participate in recitations and group activities

Sometimes tuition centres may feel like a classroom, just without the pressure of excelling in school. Children should use this opportunity to be more active in math tuition classes in Singapore. They can take advantage of this by talking to fellow students about schoolwork and participating more actively in works that test their knowledge about mathematics.

4) Don’t: be afraid to make mistakes

There is less pressure to excel in a maths tuition class because it is supposed to be a supplementary class that tests children’s knowledge and refines them for the real academic world. It is where making mistakes is an aspect of learning, and they are not punished for not grasping certain concepts right away.

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