Secret To A Beautiful Smile: Teeth Whitening

Tooth discoloration is prevalent among people of all age groups. There are several factors that lead to stains, causing distress and lowered self-esteem. 

The Woodlands teeth whitening procedure is an advanced, safe, and cost-effective treatment to rejuvenate your smile to bring back that spark in your life. 

Understanding the concept behind teeth whitening

Teeth whitening refers to a variety of processes that aim to make your natural teeth appear brighter and whiter. This is an effective treatment indicated for severely stained teeth, that can offer excellent results, lasting as long as 2 to 3 years if maintained properly. 

Zoom! The teeth whitening system is gaining popularity since it is safe and provides satisfying results. This is an in-office procedure that uses an active agent such as hydrogen peroxide gel, which when activated by laser or UV (ultraviolet) light breaks down into tiny oxygen particles. These oxygen bubbles are responsible for eliminating tooth stains. 

Zoom! In-office whitening system is safe since it is performed under the guidance of a trained dentist, taking into consideration all the necessary precautions. 

Causes of tooth discoloration 

Tooth discoloration refers to the staining or darkening of your teeth. 

Several things can cause tooth discoloration, such as:

Avoidable causes 

  • Poor oral hygiene that leads to plaque accumulation
  • Smoking and other tobacco use 
  • Dark-colored foods and beverages 
  • Excessive fluoride

Unavoidable causes 

  • Inherited condition due to genetic fault
  • Old age can expose the underlying dentin that has a yellowish hue
  • Dental trauma
  • Some dental treatments like root canal therapy, and amalgam restorations
  • Some health conditions like liver disease, or eating disorders
  • Certain medications like tetracyclines, anti-histamines, and hypertensive drugs 

Zoom! In-office teeth whitening procedure 

Zoom! In-office teeth whitening is an outpatient procedure that offers teeth that are 8 shades brighter in just one visit.

The process is as follows: 

  • Your dentist will evaluate your oral cavity and the type of stains present. 
  • Customized trays will be fabricated according to the full mouth impressions taken.
  • Your dentist will isolate your gums and soft tissues and expose only the teeth surfaces. 
  • The trays are then filled with the active bleaching agent and positioned inside your mouth. 
  • An LED light or laser beam will be targeted over your teeth and the bleaching agent is cured. 
  • This is repeated until the desired results are achieved, and each curing cycle will take around 15 minutes. 


Tooth discoloration can be distressing since it is aesthetically unappealing. This can lead to low self-esteem and poor quality of life. Zoom! In-office teeth whitening system is an excellent and cost-effective procedure to revitalize your smile and regain your lost confidence.