Samsung S24 Ultra Price in UAE: A Comprehensive Overview

Samsung, of course, has been a company in the lead for the electronics market for a long time, and its monitors certainly aren’t any exceptions. The flagship model Samsung S24 Ultra launched by the technology giant is one of the most noteworthy devices in the market, as it has an extreme set of features, with a sleek but stunning appearance. But what exactly does it the movie fill the gap, and is the cost worth paying up? Let’s gain a granular understanding, focusing on the details of Samsung s24 and Samsung s24 ultra price in UAE.

Samsung s24 ultra price in UAE

Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty: which could be directly linked to its pricing. The e-Store Samsung S24 Ultra retails in the UAE for around AED 1,200 to AED 1,500 with the final price depending on the retailer’s policies and active offers. Though that many for a 24-inch screen this “is an essential fact” but “essential features and quality of the S24 Ultra” must be considered.

As an alternative to the other similar monitors in the same price bracket, the Samsung S24 Mega QHD features Quantum Dot technology, a higher refresh rate, and more versatile connectivity options. This prominent characteristic makes it a no-brainer choice for both professionals and gamers who need the very best show from their monitor.

Samsung S24 Ultra: Specifications

As a Samsung S24 Ultra, it is a 24-inch model that has 2560 x 1440 pixels of resolution, allowing one to enjoy the clearest visuals while doing both work and fun. It does it using Samsung Quantum Dot technology that is at its core, providing gamer-level picture quality. Furthermore, the monitor uses a high refresh rate of up to 165Hz which qualifies it for both fast-paced gaming and videos playing with a smooth performance.

The devices are HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C with connectivity for various devices.  Hence, the Samsung S24 Ultra trades perfectly for that. Aside from those, this adaptor has its internal speakers and supports AMD FreeSync which practically eliminates screen tearing and stuttering during the gaming process.

Is It Worth It?

The question remains: is a $24 Samsung S24 a cost-effective investment? Generally, this depends on the particular situation and will be different for each individual. Maybe you are a group of experts who need to ensure accurate color reproduction and smooth performance for tasks such as photo editing or graphics design, in this case, it perfectly makes use of the S24 Ultra’s Quantum Dot technology and its high refresh rate!

The same goes for if you’re a gamer looking for something powerful enough to handle things like fast-paced gameplay and visual quality all at the same time, the Samsung S24 Ultra is a good buy. This also comes with AMD FreeSync support which makes gaming completely tear-free.  In addition, it is also furnished with a high refresh rate for smooth motion and responsiveness.

Nevertheless, in case you only have a restricted budget or don’t need the complicated sophisticatedness of the S24 Ultra, you are at liberty to pick the Samsung s24 as a cheaper alternative instead. But apart from that, Samsung also has a line of own monitors that do not cost that much, but enable the user to have decent performance and picture quality.


To put it forth, Samsung S24 Ultra will cost you a penny nevertheless it is a top-grade monitor that provides an array of advanced features and high performance. Using its viral display, high refresh rate, and very varied connectivity options, it presents itself as an excellent product for both professional and gaming purposes.

The value of this 24-inch monitor may range from AED 1,200 to AED 1,500 which is still high when compared to other models, but it is rightfully valued due to its high quality and excellent features for users who depend on it for high-level performance. Nonetheless, you have the Samsung s24 price in UAE which might be cutting down in the budget and feature-wise and yet can be the best of the mundane options.

Finally, it is dependent upon your personal needs and budget whether the S24 Ultra is the right match for you or not. While the S24 Ultra might not have additional sectors, its performance is on another level and it should be on your list if you want a premium monitor.