Regenerative Therapy for Shoulder Pain in Brunswick: Stimulating Natural Bodily Repair

Your shoulders are complex joints you use in almost everything you do every day. Because of this, they are susceptible to injury and degeneration. Typically, people depend on traditional treatments for their shoulder problems including injected corticosteroids, medication, and surgery for joint repair. But these days, nonsurgical regenerative medicine procedures can be performed to offer those who experience shoulder pain Brunswick the relief they need. 

Treating Shoulder Pain with Regenerative Therapy

Stem cells transform into specialized cells necessary for repairing and regenerating the body. They are naturally present in the body, supporting the damaged cell regeneration in tissues and organs. Regeneration therapy works by injecting a patient’s stem cells into damaged tissue, mobilizing the instinctive healing mechanisms of the body to decrease inflammation and stimulate repairs. 

Regenerative Medicine Benefits

Inflammation indicates that the healing process of the body is working. The sooner the inflammation is resolved, the sooner the next healing stage can start. Regenerative injections can help boost the inflammatory response, increase tissue vascularization, reduce pain, speed up natural tissue repair, and improve mobility.

Who Can Benefit from Regenerative Therapy for Shoulder Pain

People who fail to get the relief they need from conservative therapies like pain medication may benefit from regenerative injections. Stem cells can be obtained from the body of the patient and injected into the joint where they can maximize their effects. 

Those who are considering regenerative therapy for their shoulder problems will have a thorough consultation with their doctor. Their visit will include a look into their medical history and recent imaging tests. Based on the information the doctor gets, they can make a treatment recommendation and discuss what to expect from regenerative therapy. 

Regenerative Therapy Recovery

Regenerative injections have a short recovery time. Patients can experience mild to moderate discomfort and soreness, which occur as a strong inflammatory response is provoked by the injected stem cells. This is an important aspect of healing, so patients must avoid anti-inflammatory medications for four to six weeks. They can manage the discomfort they may experience during the first few days of recovery by applying ice packs for 15-20 minutes. They can do this a few times every day. 

Although it is almost impossible to avoid using the shoulder in everyday movement, strenuous activities that put stress on the shoulder joint must be avoided for weeks following treatment. Patients must see their provider 3-4 weeks after treatment to evaluate healing. Depending on how serious the damage is, a patient may need to get additional injections.