Pennsylvania Craps Games Through Parx Casino Can Be an Exciting Experience

Whether you have seen people playing craps on TV or if you have been playing the game yourself, it remains one of the most exciting table games that you can try in a casino.

But seeing that you cannot always make your way to a casino in pursuit of a single game, many people don’t get to play it at all. Whereas, those who have already enjoyed it don’t have the chance to do it as often as they would like.

For such aspiring and experienced gambling enthusiasts, Parx Casino is getting ready to launch its very own online Pennsylvania craps service.

Parx Casino is Ready to Unveil Pennsylvania Craps to Its Players

Based just outside of Philadelphia, Parx Casino is a very familiar name to those who live in Pennsylvania. As the area’s largest facility of its kind, it is a level of popularity that doesn’t come easy for its counterparts.

But apart from providing top of the line casino, sports betting and horse racing facilities to its players, Parx Casino also offers a variety of online casino gaming services to them.

The service is now soon to launch its very own Pennsylvania craps under the banner of its Parx Online service, where users will be able to enjoy the highly popular game at their comfort. No more long lines. No more crowds to bear. Just you and your craps table. Simple, easy, and fun.

Craps is Going to Remain the Same on Your Screen

Despite introducing the game online, many providers have ensured that craps remains true to its essence. That’s why, the rules stay essentially the same whether you play craps in person or online.

In craps, you have various bets to choose from such as Any Bets, Any Seven, Don’t Pass, Don’t Come. But the most simple and popular one is betting on the Pass line.

In this pass bet, you lose the come out or first roll of dice if you score a 2, 3, or 12. If you score a 7 or 11, you win.

If you score 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, you can get a point. If you roll the same sum again, you win by traditional standards. But if you roll another sum, you lose.

Other bets make the game more exciting or more complicated, depending on your play style and knowledge of craps. Those other bets also affect the house edge.

What is the House Edge on Craps?

The house edge on pass bets falls around 1.40 percent. This is way lower than games such as three card poker (3.40 percent), but it is higher than skill-based games such as blackjack (2.0 percent – average player).

Since craps does not require that much skill but remains easy to understand and fun to play, this low house edge speaks volumes in favor of giving the game a chance.

Parx Casino Will Be Launching Its Craps Game Soon

Parx Online is all set to unveil its Pennsylvania craps games shortly. Seeing that a date has not been announced yet, you can follow the casino’s website or its social media channels to keep yourself updated with real time development. That way, you can be one of the first players to enjoy craps once it makes its way online through Parx Casino.