Is Casino & Gambling the Next Big Mobile Favourite?

Attitudes toward gaming as a whole have certainly been changing over time as a much broader demographic than ever before have become more interested in the growing gaming space, but there will always be the question of which genre will remain the most popular and which are likely to go through the most change – one that has certainly become the most popular during this past year have been the growth of Casino & Gambling options, particularly as major sporting saw delays at the start of last year which led to a bit of a pause in the betting market. Some of the biggest can be found at sites like, but what is it that’s helping separate these games from others?

Part of the success has come from the ability for many players to stream their experiences online, bigger platforms like Twitch currently don’t have any regulation to prevent streamers from broadcasting gambling and casino titles, it allows this wider audience and demographic to explore the games without having to invest any money or time in themselves and reap some of the benefits too, and also helps these services gain more exposure which in some regard has been responsible for part of the growth at the same time.

The other important factor has come solely from accessibility – mobile devices are all extremely similar and there’s little difference in performance which means many of the biggest titles will all perform similarly allowing players to gain the same experience regardless, and with all of the cross-play options available too. One of the big barriers to entry f or gaming in the past has been that there has been a requirement to invest in a dedicated system and purchase games individually which can often come at a higher price and has been the catalyst to enable many new players start to bridge the gap.

That isn’t to say there aren’t challenges present, there has been a recent crackdown on online gambling services in particular – whilst much of the change is aimed towards loot boxes and microtransactions in gaming, there have been other efforts to reduce gambling options through the likes of Gamstop and changes to ban credit card betting and gambling in countries such as the UK – these changes will likely only continue to come in thick and fast too in an approach to curb what has been considered a growing gambling pandemic.

Other potential changes could come with possibilities in the marketplaces themselves, with the ongoing legal battle between Apple and a big game developer, it could provide an opportunity for apps in the space to become more mainstream without the reliance on websites instead, which could be just as important in the shift for casinos and gambling as a whole to become the big mobile favourites.