Hybrid Flooring – What Are Its Pros and Cons

Hybrid flooring is the latest kind of innovation that people are installing in their home. It is also called the future of flooring by combining vinyl and laminate flooring. It is sturdy and very durable. Also, hybrid floors are functional and stylish to look at. Further, the flooring provides authentic timber flooring, but remove the drawbacks of timber.

These floorings are very long-lasting that have a high-density inner core material like vinyl, bamboo, limestone, etc. Flooring Domain deals with hybrid flooring as many people seem to prefer them. Find complete solutions about hybrid floors and professionals to get them set up ready.

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What is hybrid flooring?

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Hybrid flooring is the newest innovation that uses features of the latest elements like bamboo, vinyl, etc. The style and beauty are cost-effective so many people seem to use this kind of flooring. It has a printed decorative layer pressed between the top protective layer and the waterproof core layer.

Many of these floorings come with acoustic models that prevent underlayer installments. It helps in reducing noises just when you step on the floors. Find out more about hybrid flooring from various sites over the net.

Pros of using hybrid flooring

·       These are 100% waterproof

One of the best advantages of hybrid flooring is that it is 100% waterproof. Likewise, the PVC-infused top core gives protection. You can put a plank of the hybrid floor in water for a week and it doesn’t swell.

The hybrid floors are best for rooms with high moisture areas like kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, etc. Also, it is perfect for commercial purpose that has high traffic areas.

·       Very comfortable without creating any sound

The hybrid floors have a thick and comfortable walking layer which makes it comfortable to walk on these floors. You can select the styles as per your desired requirements. The printed part is called the design layer, which comes in a smooth finish.

It is made with rigid technology, which produces less sound when you step on it. Some of the floors blow hollow sound when you walk on them. There are pre-attached acoustic layers that can make the steps lighter.

Cons of hybrid flooring

·       Gets discolored fast

Even though it comes with a top coating, hybrid floorings are prone to discolor if it is exposed to direct sunlight. Putting blinds or curtains can keep the floors fresh and won’t discolor. These floors also change colors if it meets rubber products.

·       Gives the lesser authentic feel

Since it is a unique mixture of limestone, wood, and plastic, hybrid floors seem to be less authentic. It has a less solid material when compared to bamboo or timber floorings.

·       Expensive

The new technologies in the hybrid floors make them less affordable. Laminate and vinyl flooring are costly. You might want to consider all these options if you are there on a tight budget.


Homeowners like to try out different styles of flooring and hybrid is a new kind for them. It is modern yet it is affordable in so many ways.