Ear-piercing process-Quality and Safety  

Ear piercing is a never-dying option for an addition to one’s style. Hundreds of people want to nurture their outer personality, and an ear piercing comes as a choice mostly appealed.

Despite being a famous fashion ritual, ear piercing still encourages doubts about safety. Numerous people who want their ears pierced to wear elegant earrings or similar jewels are concerned about completing their prior research on how much it damages the ear.

Ear piercing was common in the 90s, but in the early 20s, this form of fashion lost its way to becoming a part of the new generation’s fashion conducts. Before you opt for ear piercing in New York City, NY, know about the common myths.

5 False Statements About Ear-Piercing New Yorkers Believe In

In recent years its popularity has been revived, so these insights revised common doubts, such as the healing process and how much it hurts. However, some myths about ear piercing are commonly acknowledged.

  • Ear piercing hurts too much

It doesn’t have to hurt if it has been done the right way. Otherwise, it is normal to feel bearable pain for a while. But many people have shared painful experiences for around six days. 

This isn’t supposed to go like this as a standard appropriate ear piercing process doesn’t force such pain. The blame goes to the ear piercer for not doing it correctly. 

Ear bones are believed to be the weakest of all bones, so getting damaged by the wrong angle and force is easier.

  • Ear piercing is simple

People who believe ear piercing is simple often end up having hurtful experiences. This also leads to a painful experience and other issues. 

This is because it is not simple but somewhat complicated to have an ear pierced. An area of the human body pierced through the needle with strong force often results in infections and bone damage.

It is required to take it seriously so that you feel obliged to find the right person for your ear piercing in New York City, NY.

  • It is DIY 

The simple answer to this false perception is no, and it’s not DIY. Ear piercing can’t be done yourself, even if you know how.

It is because there are specific areas to be exempted from getting pierced, and it is possible by having a good sight of the area. Secondly, it is necessary to have a secondary hand force to avoid inappropriate needle stabs. It is always suggested to get it done by a professional.

  • Ear piercing is non-infectious

Ear piercing is not primarily infectious. However, due to unsterilized tools and direct hand contact, most people have been exposed to skin or other infections. That means the instruments used for your ear piercing in New York City, NY, should be sterilized. And, it is suggested that the piercer wears gloves.

  • Piercing guns are reasonable than needles

Piercing guns might look unterrifying, and they do it quicker. That makes the process much easier, with fewer chances of feeling pain. But a piercing gun is made of plastic, and it is impossible to sterilize it properly.


Becoming a part of a vintage fashion vista sounds appealing, but looking for viable information about playing with your body parts is essential. Ear piercing is a complicated process that could lead to infectious diseases and unbearable pain. You can avoid these consequences by consulting a professional and searching for an authentic one.

Moreover, before your session, check the sterilization of tools and hands, and ensure the piercer is wearing gloves and a salon apron.