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Meanwhile, if the product is sold in a physical store, you have to make the product packaging design much more attractive, because the product will be on the supermarket shelf, which of course is accompanied by other products. If your product packaging design is not attractive, then the product is likely to be less desirable. Make use of the Custom printed CBD boxes now and get the best options.

Focus on Typography

Wherever the product is sold, the text printed on the product packaging design must be clear and legible. The color of the text should blend into the overall packaging design of your product. It is also necessary to place what is important on the packaging and eliminate redundant text.

If customers find it difficult to read how good this product is, they will prefer to buy from competitors. So, don’t get the wrong way in making text on product packaging design. You can choose to use custom lettering.

What Is Custom Lettering?

Custom Lettering is the creation of typographic work using sketch or hand writing. Custom lettering is widely used in many ways such as logos, T-shirt designs, or even product packaging designs. You can also use it in your Custom Printed Jewely Boxes, jewelry boxes or tincture boxes. You can try to learn how to make custom lettering in Illustrator, which of course will make you understand more about making text that can be read clearly but with an attractive shape.

Protect Product

The details of a product packaging design are indeed very important to attract the attention of customers and potential customers. However, the product packaging design must also preserve the product until the customer is ready to use it.

Consider how long a product may have to stay on store shelves or in the supply chain process. Maybe it will take several months or years to reach the final goal. Therefore, the packaging materials used must be able to withstand the elements contained in the product. Using the Custom CBD tincture boxes is also an option here.

Consider the Constraints That Occur During Production and Manufacturing

Determining how the packaging is filled with the product is important. However, production and manufacturing constraints can get in the way of how packaging is designed and should be part of the initial process. You should make sure that the client has considered this with the manufacturing department. Make sure that the product packaging design is in line with what is best.

Pack the Ordered Products in Layers

To maintain the safety of the product being sent, you can perform layered protection using bubble wrap, after which it is packaged using cardboard or cardboard. If you send several products in one box, it is better if each product is coated using bubble wrap so that the products do not rub against each other.