Button-Down Shirt: Bringing Back Fashion

Everyone has a unique dressing sense that defines their personality in a certain way. Fashion is not just something that is for fun but also a way to express yourself. However, no matter what type of dresser you are, a flowy button-up shirt is versatile enough to suit all kinds of dressing styles.

While a button-up shirt may seem basic, it can be styled in many ways. You can use it for a professional setting or wear it to create a classy party look.

You can create many fashionable looks if you’re willing to step outside your comfort and try something new. This article will give you ideas for styling your shirt for any occasion.

Make It Into a Crop Top

One of the most hassle-free ways of styling a shirt is to tie it up to form a crop top. Leave the last few buttons open so you can use the lower half of the shirt to create a bow. You can wear it with high-rise jeans or a cute skirt. It is a life-saver quick hack for last-minute plans.

Borrow Your Dad’s Shirt

A button-up shirt is something available in everyone’s closet. You can borrow your dad’s white shirt if you don’t have an oversized shirt. You can make it quirky by accessorizing it with junky jewelry and sunglasses.

Wear It Open

You can also pair up your shirt with other dresses and tops. Just put on your favorite slip or spaghetti tip within and wear the shirt on it. Keep the buttons for a peppy look. This way, you can finally wear those sleeveless clothes you don’t feel comfortable wearing alone.

Layer It Up

Layering your shirt beneath a slip-on black dress is perfect for winter dates. It will make you look glamorous while keeping you warm. You can tie your hair into a pony to give a chic and nerdy vibe.

Change It Into a Dress

Shirt dresses have become quite popular. You don’t necessarily have to buy one to create this look. You can pick up your favorite flowy button-up shirt and tie a belt around your waist. This hack will give the shirt a dress-like look. Pair it together with some heels for a sophisticated look.

It Never Goes Out of Style

You can pair your button-up shirt with some colorful bell-bottom jeans to give it a vintage vibe. Together, these create a groovy and eye-catching look.

Wear With Shorts

You can wear a short-sleeved shirt and tuck it into high-waisted shorts. This is a perfect outfit for a road trip during summer. You can wear sneakers and carry a fanny pack to level up your game.

Just Let It Be

While there are many ways you can experiment with your button-up, it is perfect the way it is. Pair up your shirt with a pair of mom jeans to create a casual and classy look.

Start Experimenting!

If you have a button-down shirt in your closet, it’s time to take it out. You can wear it to your first date look or make it a beach coverup. There are endless possibilities to bring it back to fashion.

New trends and styles of clothes keep coming every day. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to them. Curating a unique fashion look is fun and easy!