5 Drooling Local Dish in Mandalika Indonesia

When they hear about Lombok, many people immediately think of Gili Trawangan. Lombok is more than just that. Many things make Lombok one of the destinations that you must visit. If you are planning a trip to Lombok, try to stop by the Kuta Mandalika area.

Signed as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), this area is often discussed because it is included in one of the super priority tourist destinations. Besides having a beautiful view, Mandalika also has a special dish that tempts the tongue. Starting from sweet to spicy, you can find it when you taste various Mandalika specialties.

  • Sate Bulayak

This food is a very popular Lombok dish. Sate Bulayak is made from chicken, offal, and beef. This satay is not much different from other satays. The thing that makes it different is the bulayak and the sambal.

Bulayak is rice cake wrapped in palm or palm leaves. Bulayak has a smaller size than lontong. In addition, these foods are wrapped in a unique way. Palm or palm leaves are wrapped in a spiral to make it easier for you to eat them.

To enjoy the bulayak satay, you only need to open the palm leaves wrapped around the bulayak, then dip it in the peanut sauce that has been provided. The combination of soft bulayak and spicy peanut sauce will make you have the perfect taste combination experience.

You can easily find Sate Bulayak in Mandalika. One of the popular sate bulayak restaurants in Kuta Mandalika is Warung Nasi Adiba and Sate Bulayak Narmada. Besides being able to eat sate bulayak, you can also shop for souvenirs at nearby souvenir shops or take a dip in Suranadi Baths, which you can reach on foot.

  • Sate Rembiga

A Dish with the basic ingredients of beef has some uniqueness. The first step in cooking is that the beef that has been cut before must be soaked in the spices for hours so that the spices really seep in.

Because the meat is already submerged in the spices, the rembiga satay doesn’t need to be added with chili sauce. After being burned, skewer by skewer is served immediately on a plate with a soft lontong cone.

The name Sate Rembiga comes from the village’s name where this satay comes from, namely Desa Rembiga. If you are interested in enjoying this dish, you can buy it directly at Warung Ibu Sinnaseh, which has been selling since 1988. Here you will be greeted with a tagline that reads ‘The First/Old One’ on the billboard in front of this shop.

  • Sate Tanjung

If satay is usually made from beef, chicken, or goat, this dish is different because it uses fish meat. In addition, the tanjung satay is also not seasoned with peanut sauce or chili sauce. Without sauce and chili sauce, tanjung satay will still taste delicious and spicy. This satay is rich in nutrition because it is made from fish meat.

The name Tanjung is taken from the name of the place where this satay comes from, namely the Tanjung area, North Lombok. If you visit here, you will find many state tanjung vendors along the road. One of them is Mrs. Salimah, who became the first satay seller on the outskirts of the main road, Tanjung, North Lombok.

  • Sate Pusut

This dish is made from beef or sea fish. The meat used for pusut satay is first grated with various spices and herbs. At first glance, the sate pusut has a resemblance to the typical Balinese satay wrap. The uniqueness of the satay lies in the skewers made of bamboo pieces. This pusut satay is most delicious when eaten with warm rice.

Usually, this dish is served together with chicken taliwang, plecing, and also urap. Sate pusut is very easy to find in several restaurants in Lombok. One of the places that you can choose is Sasak Kitchen which sells a variety of Lombok specialties.

  • Taliwang Chicken

Taliwang chicken is a typical Lombok dish that has a spicy taste. Although Taliwang chicken has been widely spread in Indonesia, it will be more delicious if you enjoy it in its hometown directly. The popular dish is available in 2 choices, namely grilled chicken taliwang and fried chicken taliwang. Taliwang chicken is made from free-range chicken seasoned with selected spices. The processing process for Taliwang chicken is also quite long so that the spices can seep perfectly into the chicken meat.

Enjoy the delicacy of Lombok’s typical Taliwang chicken by visiting the Sasak Kitchen Restaurant. Not only Taliwang chicken, you can also order and enjoy the deliciousness of plecing kale and eggplant duck.

Vacation is more than just the food, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Mandalika by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.