3 Online Games to Play with Friends

Did you know that your favorite board games are also available online these days? There is no way to give up the afternoon board games with family or friends, even if there is distance. We have made a selection to liven up your days and evenings with entertaining and captivating online games.

Connect 4

Connect 4 is a well-known strategy puzzle game developed by Hasbro. It is a 2-player online game which uses a 6×7 grid. Each playmate chooses the color of their 21 discs, red or yellow. The two players obviously take turns. The first one who succeeds in lining up 4 of their tokens wins. What makes this game a little tricky is that when you slide a disc in a column, it takes place at the lowest position available like there was gravity. You can play Connect 4 with your friends on Paper Games where you can also learn more about this board game. You should know that it is possible that neither of the two players wins. The game is then null and void.

Ticket to Ride

It is one of the great classics in family games. Ticket to Ride takes you back to the industrial revolution, the era of the steam engine. The goal is to connect as many cities as possible in the United States. Playable for up to five players, the game offers many expansions that allow you to diversify the maps and thus overcome the main weakness of the game, its replayability. This online game is very easy to learn. At the start of the game, each player receives different proposals for cities to rally. The goal is to choose routes that can overlap to accumulate points with the fewest cars possible. There is a part of chance in the game because there is card drawing, but also a part of strategy. Once an opponent occupies a railroad track, you cannot take it back!

Through the Ages

Through the Ages is a staple of board games. It has been in the top 5 ranking of Boardgamegeek, the world reference in the field, since its release in 2015. The title incorporates the principles that have made the success of Civilization, the video game by Sid Meier. Through the Ages is a complex game that takes some time to learn, but once this first step is passed, it impresses with its depth and replayability. This online game is available on Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.